DVTM - German Association for Telecommunication and Media

DVTM Deutscher Verband für Telekommmunikation und Medien, in English German Association for Telecommunication and Media, represents a number of companies participating in the value chain telecommunication, media and online-gaming. Among those companies there are service providers, network operators, resellers, technical service providers, media and publishing companies as well as consulting and collecting agencies.

DVTM developed from the association Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Telefonmehrwertdienste (FST) founded already in 1997; on February 24, 2011 the change of company name from FST to DVTM became effective. 

The interest group has about 50 members acting voluntarily in the frame of the Code of Conduct (Germany) for Telecommunication and Media. The code supports the principle of self-regulation. It is the primary aim of DVTM to ensure and enlarge a functioning and competitive telecommunication and media market which is in dialogue with all market participants.


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