„Working together for a future-oriented and innovative market in accordance with consumers, politics and economy“

The FST- Code of Conduct, which has been established on the market and steadily updated for 16 years, was released by the Code of Conduct (Germany) for Telecommunication and Media on 1. March 2011. The codex brings off standards in terms of the interest of consumers, politics and economy and offers userfriendly guidelines. Furthermore, the codex is especially addressed to companies all along the value chain of telecommunication and media including new target audiences such as payment-providers, gaming-platforms and publishers. 

Neutrality, safety and quality is guaranteed by a TÜV- tested certificate. Signatories of the codex are allowed to advertise with the TÜV logo. 

The unique codex for telecommunication and media is steadily updated and evolved by a commission, so that current trends are captured for the development of the codex. 

Additionally, further regulations were recently laid down concerning advertisings in apps, conclusions of contracts via WAP-billing as well as requirements for so-called outbound-dialers. 

DVTM- members commit themselves to follow the codex which is included in the membership feeNon- members may obtain the codex by a licence model. The basic version is exempt from charges available.