DVTM Stellungnahme zur EU Märkteempfehlung – Englisch | DVTM
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DVTM Stellungnahme zur EU Märkteempfehlung – Englisch

Opinion to the ongoing Inter-Service Consultation on revision of the EU Markets Recommendation
The DVTM opposes considerations to cancel the recommendation for ex ante regulation for markets 1 and 2 in the revised EU market recommendation. This idea goes back to the idea of the Commission in the proposed regulation currently being discussed, according to which a European- homogenous market for telecommunications networks and services is to be provided, which is supported only by a few pan-European companies. In this context, the proposed regulation provides a Europe-wide standardization on only a virtual bitstream wholesale product. This paradigm shift would, however, radically reset the previously achieved competition and be a break from the pro-competitive wholesale regulation. The regulation approach receives therefore - with the exception of the incumbents - a broad rejection of the market and earns under competitive aspects no support. Apart from the fact that the justification for this action, mentioned by the Commission, to accelerate the deployment of broadband networks, has already been refuted, the grown over the years infrastructure-based service competition by network operator and provider of information and value-added services in Germany would have no future. This would cause the german business location serious damage...


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