Membership Fee Scale

Membership fee scale in the version dated 08.10.2003, last amended by members’ resolution dated 18.11.2013.


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Membership Fee Scale


Pursuant to § 14 of the articles of association „DVTM Deutscher Verband für Telekommunikation und Medien ", the costs of the association are to be covered by membership fees, which are to be defined by resolution of the General Meeting of Members and are to be published in the respective current, valid version of the membership fee scale.



§ 1 Initial Contribution

An initial contribution is not charged.

§ 2 Membership fee

(1) Members of the association „Deutscher Verband für Telekommunikation und Medien” have to pay an annual membership fee. The fee for ordinary members is calculated according to the respective turnover of the company generated in the German market in the field of value-added services.


The fee rate for ordinary members is calculated as follows:


Stage 1             up to 5 million turnover               3,450.- Euro p. a.

Stage 2             >   5 to   10 million                     4,600.- Euro p. a.

Stage 3             > 10 to   25 million                     5,750.- Euro p. a.

Stage 4             > 25 to   50 million                     8,625.- Euro p. a.

Stage 5             > 50 to 100 million                    11,500.- Euro p. a.

Stage 6             > 100 million                            17,250.- Euro p. a.




Associate members pay half the membership fee of an ordinary member. For associations, and organizations, the annual membership fee is 1,150.- Euro.


(2) The gross turnover of the respective member company in the previous year calculated pursuant to the German Commercial Code is relevant for the calculation of the membership fee. A deviating calculation, which may reduce the membership fee, is admissible in individual cases for special reasons (e.g. in the case of verified collapse of turnover in the year prior to the levying of fees). The Managing Director decides on the admissibility of such reduction and on the level of fee to be paid, after hearing the respective member. In the case of objection, the Board decides and defines a binding reduced membership fee for the respective member.


(3) The membership fee is to be paid annually in advance by members.

The managing director will classify the members in December of the respective year prior to payment date of the membership fee, and send an appropriate invoice for membership fees by 10th December of that year. The member companies accept such classification, and undertake to pay the respective fee, unless they can verify by 31st December a lower turnover for the respective business year, which may reduce such fee.  

Verification is to be provided by submitting confirmation from a tax consultant/auditor concerning the turnover-related classification, on a form provided by DVTM. Confirmations received after 31st December will not be considered.


(4) When joining the association after 30th  June, only a half-year’s fee is to be paid. Calculation of the fee is based on receipt of the application for membership at the association’s office.


(5) A member who gains a new member for the association will have an amount of 25 % of the fee as well as the subsequent annual fee of the following year of the new member deducted from his own membership fee, or reimbursed if he has already paid this fee. This regulation is non-recurring, and applies only for the year of entrance of the new member. Any claim to deduction or reimbursment only applies when the new member has fully paid his fee, and the respective amount has been credited accordingly to the account of the association. 


§ 3 Group regulation

(1) Group and group companies have the right to choose for the membership fee between the group hierarchy rule or affiliated group rule according to the following paragraphs.


(2) Group hierarchy rule

The turnover of the group and group companies are combined. The membership fee of the group according to § 2 is set with a surcharge of 15%. Group and group companies get one membership. The Group gets the number of votes corresponding to the statue according to the fixed membership fee step. The group determines which group company represented the fixed number of votes. The premium statement goes to the group. In case an individual group companies leaves the group a revaluation takes place.


(3) Affiliated group rule

The membership fee of the group and / or affiliated companies are calculated individually according to § 2 of its turnover. The respective annual fee is set at two affiliated companies with a discount of 15% for three or more companies with a discount of 25%. Each of the included companies becomes a member and has the voice number which is defined in the statute. In case an individual group companies leaves the group a revaluation takes place.


§ 4 Regulations for start-ups

Start-ups are lately founded companies, which stand in the first stage of the life cycle of a company. A start-up does not belong to a group and there are no other duties to enterprise and entrepreneur.

The annual membership fee for start-ups is 600 Euro.

The regulation is only applicable, if the turnover is not higher than 100,000 Euro per year and is limited for three years of contribution maximum and only for the first three years from the founding year on. The managing director decides about the application of this regulation. In case of objection the board decides.

Like associate members start-ups have no right to vote and they are not entitled to vote actively or passively.


§ 5 Sales tax liability

If the membership fees be charged with statutory sales tax, the association is entitled to bring this to the members afterwards.


§ 6 Payment date

(1) The membership fee is due on 5th  January of each respective year.

In the year of joining the association, the membership fee is due 4 weeks after acceptance of the application for membership (§ 3 of the articles of association) and is to be paid, without request, to the association account.


(2) If a membership fee is not paid by the due date, membership is suspended and the respective member has no voting right at the General Meeting of Members or in association committees.


(3) A flat-rate processing fee of 10.00 € is charged for each reminder to pay the membership fee.



§ 7 Coming into Effect


The membership fee scale comes into effect on 19th November 2013.




Decided on the General Members Meeting in Cologne on 18th November 2013

The members